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About Us

My Gifts allow me to bring messages to you from the OTHER SIDE.

My message for ALL is this...know that...YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Your loved ones are always watching over you.

I was born with GIFTS from the Great Spirit and have been sharing these since my childhood days. I am a NATIVE AMERICAN SHAMAN MEDICINE WOMAN. I am available for private readings as well as group gatherings. My maternal Great Grand-Mother taught me about my gift and the culture of our Native American ancestors from the age of 6 years young. She trained me in the ways of our Shamanic practices. I completed my Shamanic training with my Lakota Shaman in the Spring of 2005.

I hold degrees from Harvard University in the Natural Sciences - Pre-Med and Psychology double major, and my Masters in Health Administration from Suffolk University in Boston, MA, and my Doctoral Degree in Public Health from Capella University. I have worked in the Healthcare profession for over 48 years in hands-on patient care, administration/finance, laboratory medicine, and as a college administrator and instructor in Medical Assistant Programs, Medical Billing and Coding Programs and Phlebotomy Programs. I am, also, a college lecturer in the hard sciences and health administration and health law.

I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, a certified Holistic Life Coach, a Dream Interpreter and Light Energy Worker.

I am able to clear negative energy from your home and/or business. My clients lovingly refer to me as their personal GHOST BUSTER. I am available for energy cleansing and smudging for your private and business spaces.

I am currently working on a fiction series, entitled, "THE CRAB APPLE CREEK ANTHOLOGY". It is a modern day series that includes the Paranormal, great romance, the bad guys, intrigue, espionage, the dance between Good and Evil, moonshine, marijuana and lots more. SAFE IN CRAB APPLE CREEK is now available. The CRAB APPLE CREEK SET is complete. I am working on the next set: THE LEGEND OF THE CRYSTAL CAVES - THE CRYSTAL DRAGON.

I have a Middle-School kids series: THE TREEHOUSE GANG MYSTERIES.  There's a bit of Magic in these stories! There are 3 books available at this time. Please see the HOME PAGE FOR MORE INFO.

Please let me know how I can assist you in CONNECTING WITH THE OTHER SIDE.

I can be reached at:

By Appointment only.

Call for your appointment...

T: 508-833-2198

You Tube channel - klconrad1

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