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Please be sure to visit YOU TUBE - channel - klconrad1 for this year's predictions.  


Let's take a look back at a couple of my predictions for 2013:

First, I predicted an earthquake in the northeastern area of Oregon. This happened just a few days ago in the northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington States areas...just inside the Washington State border.

Second, I predicted the Royal Prince and Princess would have a child...Prince George was born. And, I predicted talk of twins. This, too, was heard by the media.

Third, I predicted a WINTER SEASON for 2013-2014, just like the ones we remember from our childhood...lots of snow and cold. It is here and has been since October 2013. The blizzard conditions I did not think would happen, especially like NEMO. And, the storm of Jan 2nd & 3rd is not like NEMO. The snow is much dryer and easier to move. The Blizzard conditions are for only the eastern shore of New England...not the whole of the Northeast. A Blizzard for some, none-the-less.

Now, on to the PREDICTIONS for 2014.

The TRENDS for 2014 look like this:

There will be more home grown foods - gardens than ever before. Even for those in limited spaces. Container gardens are great for those areas.

A more rapid and strong move by millions in adding Holistic - Wellness - Natural Healthcare - Healing is on the way. This change has been slow and steady over the past 5-10 years. Now, however, it is gaining strong momentum and we will see a tremendous move by millions who are looking for WHOLE BODY HEALTH. This is a HEADS-UP call to all Holistic are going to become quite busy. People will now work at balancing the positive offerings of EASTERN & WESTERN HEALING.



I have had a vision of a WALL OF FIRE in a large, big, major city. I asked SPIRIT if this was connected with terrorism and the answer was NO. Let's hope this prediction does not come true.

I have been shown the country of CHINA with a SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE - north to south. I have not been informed as to the nature of the SPLIT. It could be an earthquake, a political upheaval, a flood, an economic split...I was not told the nature...just that a SPLIT would occur.

Here in the U.S., I predict the TORNADO season to be similar to the one in 2011...massive and destructive. Three major cities will take a direct hit.

Florida and California will see an increase in WATER - RAIN amounts, similar to tropical conditions...flooding, more than usual.

Texas will see more WATER as well. The drought conditions they have been experiencing will noticeably lessen.

The ECONOMY will continue it's downward spiral throughout the Winter and then in the late Spring - early Summer, it will begin to build into a solid recovery. This Economic Recovery will be at a steady, slow pace, but it will continue to build and become strong over time.

Obamacare is one of the reasons for this ECONOMIC downturn. The peoples of the United States have the POWER to change Obamacare. And, it needs to change. Take a stand and be part of the voice for better healthcare options. NO VIOLENCE is necessary. Once the people have been heard, Universal HealthCare should be re-written and a better package for most people. SPIRIT has shown me that the people can make a difference.

The final vision I was given is this:

An EARTH SHIFT will take place. I was told by SPIRIT that this was foretold by Native Peoples centuries ago and is now a part of their tribal stories-predictions-folklore. The name of a river(s) was given to me as the RED ROCK RIVER. I do believe there may be more than one river with this name. SPIRIT shows me that the course of the river(s) will change, not the direction. This EARTH SHIFT is not predicted to be the end of the world...just a change of direction by OUR BELOVED MOTHER EARTH. Think of it as a kind of stretching exercise.

And, that's all from SPIRIT at this time.

Blessed Be.

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