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- MARCH 14, 2015 @ 2pm.

Just receiving a message from SPIRIT...We on Mother Earth are about to experience a GREAT AWAKENING! Many of us have been seeing SPIRIT for the first time over the past 2 weeks. Many are now AWAKENING to their GIFT from SPIRIT. DO NOT BE AFRAID of this new experience. Please find a mentor that can guide you on your new journey and teach you how to protect yourself. I have been seeing untold numbers of SPIRITS moving throughout my woods these past 2 weeks as well. This TIME OF GREAT AWAKENING has been foretold many times in the past. It is the time for LOVE to be raised to a new vibrational level so all can experience the amazing gift of LOVE from the DIVINE. Unconditional love is an amazing revelation and the DIVINE wants us all to be a part of this. From this moment forward please take a moment to step back and remember that a smile is an amazing way to share this love with others. A smile really can make a big difference for someone whose sorrows are immeasurable. In the LIGHT AND LOVE OF THE DIVINE...Karmle.

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