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 Karmle is the real deal. She accurately predicted my job location change before I even knew one it was coming. J.M., Taunton, MA 2013.

My reading with Karmle gave me such comfort. My best friend, who had crossed over, came through with a special message for me about being strong. There's no way Karmle could have known how depressed I was. His message made me cry and laugh and I'm am feeling better for it. I don't know how she knows these details except to say she must be specially Gifted. S.L., 2015.

I don't know how she knew, but she just looked at me and said, "When you had your car accident you weren't supposed to die. Your Angels lifted you out of the car, it crashed, then they placed you back into it. You weren't supposed to die yet." I was speechless. My mom confirmed what Karmle had just said. She was standing close by. There was no way Karmle could have known about all that. L in Kingston, MA, 2015.

My reading with Karmle was unbelievable. She looked at me and said, "So, what's with the color orange? Your group on the Other Side keeps flashing bright orange squares in my face?" I just laughed out loud. I told her I had bought a new car and wanted it in my favorite color...ORANGE!!! They didn't have orange so I'm going to use orange seat covers to brighten the inside up. She got everything else so right, too. D.M., Dartmouth, MA, 2015

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