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The Act of Cleansing is recommended for all who are moving into a new place for home, business, or whatever reasons you may have. All buildings and the Earth hold energies from pre-existing peoples living/working in them and from the Spirit realm itself. In our world of multiple dimensions, energies, entities…Souls…exist within the physical body and outside of the physical body. Our energy is either positive or negative, depending on the choices we make during our time of existence. With this said, let’s get into the details of co-existing within the dimensions. For those of us in a physical body, we often refer to these out-of-body energies as GHOST.

Many of us have experienced a ghost in our every day lives. There are a number of TV shows about hauntings and terrifying experiences involving negative entities – bad ghosts, but very few , if any, about the experiences we have with positive entities. Many of these ‘ghosts’ don’t even know that their physical body has died so they continue to ‘live’ on in a no-time zone. You see, time does not exist in the Spirit realm. It was created for those of us in the physical realm to mark our accomplishments as we learn our life’s lessons to become a more benevolent and loving entity. The Act of Cleansing is performed to clear your space of lingering energies.

I have crossed many energies over into the Light during my cleansing activities…often referred to as GHOST BUSTING…J! The positive entities are usually quite thankful for the explanation of what happened to them and the assistance in their crossing over. Some have wondered why there were people they didn’t know living in their homes.

The dark energies are a different story. The ones I have encountered have chosen to stay on the Earth plane. One specific entity had murdered a number of people and been killed himself. He did not want to cross over and chose to stay here by stealing the energy of the living people in the house where he was killed. Many of them were tired, weak, ill, and not able to think clearly. A new baby in the family did not sleep well and was having trouble eating and gaining weight…known as Failure-To-Thrive syndrome. I was called upon to cleanse the home. I am a Shaman Medicine Woman of a native People. I began a sacred ceremony at the bottom of the house, chanting in every room and space using sacred sage and other earth tools to chase the negative entity from the house. A window was opened at the top of the house as a symbol for all energies in their journey of crossing over. As I entered the last room at the top of the house, all hell broke loose.

The entity tried to stop me from crossing the other entities over as his energy source would no longer exist. He made it difficult for me to breathe, made me sick to my stomach and gave me a massive headache. My Guides erased all in a quick instant and we were finally able to get this nasty energy out of the house. As I regained my center and walked into the living room, I looked through the picture window and saw him, a dark blob of energy, in the street. I cloaked the house in positive energy for protection. My latest contact with the homeowner assures me that the bad’ energy has not returned. The baby has thrived and is a busy three year old these days. This house is an energy vortex for those crossing into the Light. It has a number of positive entities that come through and a couple of animal Spirits that stay to continue the protection I put in place. If this house had been cleansed before anyone moved in, it would have been in better harmony and fewer negative occurrences would have been experienced by all.

It is my hope that all will have their homes and businesses cleansed not just before you move in, but on a regular basis to bring balance and harmony to your space. Please contact me for more information and an appointment to cleanse your space.

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